Condolence & Memory Journal

Roberta,so sad to learn of Morry's death. Please know we are thinking and praying for you and your family. Much love. , Sally and Benjie

Posted by Sally Smith - Anderson, SC - Family   July 29, 2021

Dear Aunt Bert, Christel, Kathy and all the grandkids:

I'm so very sorry to hear of Uncle Morry's passing. I know he is no longer suffering, and that he can be at peace now. He was a good man and I have fond memories of him while growing up. Some of my fondest memories are from when I was a kid and our parents would be playing cards or cribbage or just talking and I would love to hear them laughing and telling funny stories! I also have fond memories from going to the dune buggy races and camping together.

My heart goes out to you all, and I pray your family will find comfort and healing. Maybe my parents and your dad are catching up since they are are angels now! Love to you all. Cammy

Posted by Camille Roman - Streamwood, IL - Family   July 29, 2021

Grandpa. The countless memories I have of my Grandpa. The early mornings of packing up our meals for our journey on the road. You letting me
do the morning checks on the big rig and trailer before we embarked on our journey together. So much dialogue between a young grandson and his grandfather. How many great memories I have of you and how I've always wanted to make you proud of the person that I have become. You were one of the few that I could feel were genuinely happy for me on my career path and how I've strived to be the best. How your discipline and your life lessons shaped me into the person I am today. My work ethic stems from your guidance and discipline. I hold a special place for you within my memories and heart. Your legacy continues and will live through myself and your grandchildren. I love you grandpa. I will always be your Shrimp! Until I see you again. With all my heart.

Posted by Antonio Valdes - Dixon, IL - Grandchild   July 28, 2021

The moment that you left me, my heart split in two, One side was filled with memories the other side died with you. I often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheek. Remembering you is easy I do it every day, but missing you is heartache that never goes away. I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain,you see life has gone on without you,but will never be the same.

Posted by Kathryn Ellison - Dixon, IL - Daughter   July 28, 2021

Uncle Mo was and is one of the greatest men I ever had the honor of knowing. It was my honor to call him my Uncle Mo. I will miss you. God Bless you and your/our family. We love you.

Posted by Philip Cappadoro - Loxahatchee, FL - Family   July 27, 2021

I love you Dad. My heart is filled with so many good memories. Vacations, holidays, family events. Nothing will be the same without you and you'll never be forgotten. I'm so glad you don't have to suffer any longer in a body that failed your spirit. Be at peace now Dad.

Posted by Christel Valdes - Dixon, IL - Father   July 26, 2021